Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dystopian Dish: Poverty

Dystopian Dish: Poverty In The Future

                With our own American Economy having trouble these past few years, here is time to think about the poverty of the future. With a history of literature and film backing us up on two fronts on the look at poverty let’s separate the have, from the have nots.

With whatever befalls humanity there will those who rise and hold above other, and then the workers. Whether it be power by ammunition and the bigger guns running the show, or technological strength keeping the select few better off than others, with whatever the outcome someone will be trying to run the show in some way. There is always oppression and the underrepresented. All you have to do is pick up a book, or turn on the tv and you will find a divide between individuals. From the Hunger Games you have the Capitol vs. the Districts with some being better off than others. In the Mystic City you have the magic users pushed into the underground and in The Immortal Rules we found that you are either owned and stock for vampires or hunted and rounded up like beasts.

So really many of us are out of luck in the future, when the dystopian seeps into reality much will get worse totally before it gets better so start stockpiling now. Some guns may benefit unless your neighbor has more guns, and if the moon falls and winter comes like in Life As We Knew it stockpiles canned food and try growing kale like Ashen Winter when the volcanoes strike.

If anything remember services will probably disappear, and money will mean little when there is little to go around. While there are good samaritans who will help you out, that only lasts so long until there is nothing left. Get skilled because tech may be obsolete and learn to grow something, or get exercise so you can outrun the slower community. Whatever happens, the government may not be up and running to help you out. What happens when there are no jobs because the power grid is down, or you have to run and struggle because the dead are walking from some experiment gone horribly wrong. When push comes to shove, people shove and being compassionate may become a thing of the past as a mass psychosis could take effect like a riot or a war that pushes people past their rational ideals and into a mass of hungry, angry and fearful combatants against each other in the fight for survival.

                Let’s hope that that bleak future of tomorrow does not happen, because I for one know that I am ill prepared to take out a neighbor if I find then attacking my garden or livestock. I can only hit the treadmill and break out the Idiot’s Guide and hope that tomorrow will be as simple and easy as today.

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