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I love reading and reviewing books.
Are you a publisher? An Author?
Would you like me to read and review your title?
I book blog on my site and post review on outlets such as:,,, goodreads.
I read many genres from: YA, to Romance, to UF, PNR, Fantasy, SciFi, to Children's.
Print or e-reader works for me.

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(FTC) Disclosure
*All books on this blog are reviewed with no monetary gain and are either ebooks reviewed through edelweiss, netgalley, or received in print form or ebook through publishers as mentioned in reviews. I do not sell or auction my review copies nor ARC’s. With my copies received: I host giveaways or share with friends to spread the books around or if I cannot part with them, books line my walls for their extra insulative value in these cold Northern winter months.I also personally purchase many of these books, to the horror of my bank statements.  I give honest reviews on the books I receive, buy, or borrow (from the amazing library), and all posts are by me and my associates , and our personally our own expressed opinions.