Who Am I?

Who am I? I am just a person, a lady, hmm well, a female, hmmm how about a mom? Just holding up my world. Sure we are a crazy family, and we do random crazy things, but that makes us .... AWESOME!

Sure life gave us lemons, and then it ground it into our eyes, but ya know in the cold winter, lemonade ain't that great.

We moved from a battle shack, into a 'burb. Stowed away the shotgun, and grabbed up a keyboard. Now we moved to the mountains, got a new gun, and 10 months later got internet in a English cottage in a high valley.

So I am a mom of five, and seven on the weekends.

Life is hard, but fun. Books are Awesome! And they are part of what keeps me going.

Photography is my art, and a Pen is my voice.

Read On Peeps, and Never Stop Trying Something New, and Reading Outside of Your Normal Bounds.