Friday, May 11, 2012

Fist Pump Fridays: Vampires

Fist Pump Today for Vampires

Because we either love or hate you...

On many a Halloween day you may find people decked out like these pathetic freaks roaming the streets in all ages and places of employment looking like skankpires or worse. Now what I do love about vampires is their versatility. Now don't start hating on my while I go through this list or anything, but keep an opened mind, and enjoy.

We all hit the broad side of a barn these past few years when all the tweenieboppers took over the theaters and the bookstores for vampires, and no these were not the counts or the choculas, it was the sparkly vampire disease. But give it to the VAMPS to merchandise and wh@re themselves out with that Twilight Saga with things from panties to candy, apparel, bedsheets you name it, and they were on it. Now give these VAMPS credit because well these VAMPS will take you credit and earn interest on it in the long run making bajillions off their fame.

Then there are the hungry VAMPS invading our HBO, that we love so well-come on JUNE!
Because seriously these vamps are not always neat and tidy pretty.

But don't forget to rock us up some VAMP heroines like Selene since she can take over my dvd player any day with her fly moves and glaring stares.

So What I Can Conclude is that creature featured: These VAMPS are everywhere.
They are on TV (Sesame Street, Vampire Diaries, Monster High, to name a few) They are on our cereals, our clothing and even under our sheets. Filling our bookcases, lining our movie walls, posterizing our walls, in paintings, sketched into notebooks. In our mouths by way of candy or Trueblood beverages.
While they used to be feared savages, they are not just slightly food challenged and psychotic.
They fill up the toy boxes of our children and stalk our children's bedsides while they sleep and that seems fine with us.
VAMPires made millions off us us so they do not even have to be bloodsucking fiends, they have already stolen our wallets.
Give it to honest ABE to set us straight in history, All we need is a good Axe to deal with this issue facing our great nation.
Like mosquitoes they may need to be run through and squashed, unless they are BONES and then dude seriously I would shelter you from the coming storm, but I may have to axe your friends since you are all mine.

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