Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Release Week: Until I Die

Until I Die
Amy Plum
released 5.8.2012

ISBN-13: 9780062004048

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Blurb from the Publisher:

I wish there was only today, just right now, and no forever.It seems fitting that I fell in love in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world. And if I pretend, I can almost believe that my life is normal and everyone I care about is safe.But as long as I’m with Vincent, “normal” doesn’t exist. Gorgeous, charming, and witty, he’s everything you could ask for in a boyfriend—but his destiny is so much more.Even more terrifying than his destiny are his dangerous enemies, enemies who will kill for immortality. How are Vincent and I supposed to be together forever if we’re always in danger?I know I’ll do whatever it takes—even if it means lying to the people I love—to fight against a fate that is trying to tear us apart.

Our Thoughts on Until I Die:

    Until I Die picks up where If I Die left off, Kate is enjoying her new life in the company of the Revenants,  Kate loves spending  all of her free time with Vincent. Until I Die questions the characters on how  far will they go for love and what will that love cost them. Kate, with a history of death close behind her, has continued in her promise in asking Vincent to not die anymore for her own personal fears, and Vincent struggles with his Revenant nature to keep himself to his promise. A Revenant requires a continual cycle of death and rebirth in a way to keep them together and sane, but holding himself from this cycle is costing Vincent his very being and his obligations to save humans in the long run. 
    Vincent is hiding things from Kate in Until I Die and these secrets could cost them their love and their lives if it continues. Vincent is holding himself silent in a secret experiment to hold off his very Revenant nature and not die for Kate, but also in this process Vincent is feeling exhausted and looks haggard. Keeping to himself more, Vincent is sending other Revenants out to chaperone Kate. 
Kate is finding herself alone more frequently and begins to develops a friendship with the newly arrived Revenant Violette.
     Violette is an intriguing character that harbors some kind of secret or agenda that Kate has not yet discovered by for the mean time Kate is using her vast years I knowledge to uncover a hidden cure in possible Revenant history. Armed with ancient texts Kate is struggling to find a cure for her own humanness and Vincent's required dying that would be able to keep them together. Her current studies are casting a dark light for Kate in that there is no simple cure for what ails the relationships of Revenant and humans, but will Kate Nd Vincent survive the secrecy and distance that is growing between them?
    One must not forget the Numa in all of this because while part of the book they lie dormant there is always a calm before the storm. As Kate studies histories and texts she finds that the Revenants that she knows may not be do far from the Numa that hunts them. This current animosity between races has not always been, and Kate questions the similarities between Numa and Revenant and what from their combined past has set off this current set of attacks.
      What comes of the new Numa activity will soon cause rift between Kate and Vincent that tears through their lives and their love. When the begin hunting items that he Revenants have no figured out, and this search crossed paths with Kate's own research everyone is dancing on the edge of a blade to save each other and themselves from a long dormant prophecy surround the Revenant myth of a Champion. 
      Amy Plum has continued the tale of the Revenants and the humans surrounding them in Until I Die with a series of questions and danger. How far can love take us? And to what cost would we pay to protect it. When Kate finds herself in trouble will she be strong enough to protect herself and can her choices threaten other? Until I Die is a breathtaking story of love and the struggle to overcome our own emotions and embrace the moment because we never know how long we have I this life, and some people are more precious to us than others.

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