Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Every Other DayEvery Other Day 
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

336 pages
Expected publication: December 27th 2011
 by EgmontUSA

My review: 

Jennifer Lynn Barnes swept us away with her werewolf series, and no she has captured us with a whole host of mythical creatures in Every Other Day.
Reading this book was an adventure in itself. I was captured by these characters and the magnetic pull that Kali felt towards Zev and all of the implications and associations that would come from that.
In the beginning of the story Barnes introduces is to our main character Kali who has a "condition", every other day she is human, and every other day she is something else. The "other" part of her hungers for the hunt, setting off every night Kali hunts the mythical creatures that prey on humans. On this every other day she is invincible, and yet alone.
There is a central theme of loneliness in the story and how far to what lengths individuals will go to save others and try and fulfill their destinies. I was gripped with the storyline. I loved these characters. As the book raced along, I did not want to put it down, but find out more, solve the hidden parts of the stories and have a happy ending for everyone. A few times I was shocked with the plot twists and the new things that the characters were finding out about themselves and each other, than I was all infatuated with Zev and that angle the story took.
Kali's development as a character was really amazing really. As Kali found out more about herself, her abilities, and her drive to protect her friends as she opened up, it really moved into being an even better read. Kali coming to grips with her past, as well as what her future may hold, while also pushing herself for those she cared about created a fantastic new world for her.
I love this new series, gosh I hope it is a series, and the direction it is taking with this new host of characters is just fantastic. As a reader I loved the flow and ebb of the story and it's development. the characters are awesome! I can only hope there is more, more, more to come. Zev you can mind talk me any day.

Book Blurb:
Every other day, Kali D'Angelo is a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She goes to public high school. She attends pep rallies. She's human. 
And then every day in between . . .She's something else entirely. 
Though she still looks like herself, every twenty-four hours predatory instincts take over and Kali becomes a feared demon-hunter with the undeniable urge to hunt, trap, and kill zombies, hellhounds, and other supernatural creatures. Kali has no idea why she is the way she is, but she gives in to instinct anyway. Even though the government considers it environmental terrorism. 
When Kali notices a mark on the lower back of a popular girl at school, she knows instantly that the girl is marked for death by one of these creatures. Kali has twenty-four hours to save her and, unfortunately, she'll have to do it as a human. With the help of a few new friends, Kali takes a risk that her human body might not survive. . .and learns the secrets of her mysterious condition in the process.
***I reviewed this fabulous book through Netgalley, thank you Egmont for making it available!


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