Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: Divergent

WOW: May 4th, 2011
Seriously yesterday I ran out to the bookstore after the wee ones went to school and I had my Dead Reckoning in hand, and went to the YA for some sweet, sweet Divergent when the cruel fates converged on me and THEY WERE NOT THERE.
I began to get a bit hysterical since it is like a half hour trip into t
o town and time was ticking until the kids were out of school so I went hunting! Two stores later and still, woe is me, we are a town center without Divergent! I did not preo-rder it because by gods I wanted it in hand today and if I had pre-ordered it will my luck of living in a podunk town it would be here Sat.
So today, I am waiting on a call from my bookstores, or my Targets, or even the WalMarts! Upon which even they were supposed to carry it.
So read on blessed ones, and spoiler me not, because I cannot wait to read this book! And may the Portland trip Gods bless me to get a copy signed in June because my Dark Days may turn Supernatural.

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