Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Swept Off Her Feet

Swept off Her FeetSwept off Her Feet by Hester Browne
Paperback, 352 pages
Published March 8th 2011 by Gallery

The steps of a charmingly complex dance—Scotland’s famous reel—are at the heart of Hester Browne’s enchanting contemporary novel of two very different sisters whose dreams may come true at a romantic Scottish ball.

Evie Nicholson is in love . . . with the past. An antiques appraiser in a London shop, Evie spins fanciful attachments to Victorian picture frames, French champagne glasses, satin evening gloves, and tattered teddy bears—regardless of their monetary value.

Alice Nicholson is in love . . . with Fraser Graham, a dashing Scotsman whom Evie secretly desires. As crisply neat and stylish as Evie is cheerfully cluttered, Alice is a professional organizer determined to pull her sister out of her comfort zone—and who presents her with an irresistible offer.

As a favor to friends of Fraser’s family, Evie jumps at the chance to appraise a Scottish castle full of artifacts and heirlooms. What could be more thrilling than roaming the halls of Kettlesheer and uncovering the McAndrews’ family treasures—and dusty secrets?

But crossing paths with moody heir Robert McAndrew has Evie assessing what she wants the most . . . and at an upcoming candlelight gala, a traditional dance will set her heart reeling.

My Review:

Swept Off Her Feet takes us into the world of unKilted men and antiques.

Hester Browne weaves of an amazing story about a woman who wants to keep her job and is sent off to a castle to hit the antique pay dirt but finds herself tossed in a reel of desire.

What Evie needs is to stop feeling the life through the antiques she buys, and find something more than the clutter of her home, but into the arms of someone special. Left to her own devices Evie just may get lost in the merchandise she buys for her employer in the antique trade, but she soon is set into a wild adventure inside of a historic castle in Scotland.
What Evie doesn't realize is love is closer than she thinks, and that learning Scottish Reels to replace her sister in a dance, can bring her closer to what she has been wanting for so long.

Browne uses fantastic description to make us fall in love with her characters. You can almost feel the old wood through the pages, along with the pounding of feet in the dances.
The main, and supporting characters were fabulous. Their stories and interactions were breathtaking as well as inspiring. While I may not get to run off to Scotland, I can feel a bit of the experience through this book.

If you would like an adventure, and a lesson in Scottish Reeling dance along the way, get ready to be swept away by Swept Off Her Feet. It was one of the most pleasurable reads I have had this year.

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