Friday, November 19, 2010

Readers, it is that time of year....

Readers it is that time of year to put the books down and pick up those hideous sweaters families make you put on for those horrendous winter holiday pics....
This weekend out family torture will commence as we try to shove 7 young children in a line and pray they all smile. Last year for the older it was the bribe of Barnes and Noble and some peppermint hot chocolates as the accompanying Starbucks... hey so the Share program and it is Buy One Get One Free from 2-5 pm until the 22nd.
So I also wanted to let you all know about the Shutterfly blogger giveaway going on now where you can enter in to write a blog post about this upcoming Holiday Card season from Shutterfly and win 50 free cards.
Seriously 50 is awesome.
In my family Chirstmas is the only time we recognize each other exist and we all dust off those moldy tomes of addresses for their once a year freshening and try to out card the arrival of the others. Two years ago I was the first at Dec 3rd card arrivals ( my one proud moment).

So start typing away on that form because soon your hand will be so cramped from addressing holiday cards that you might need a double holiday drink from Starbucks yourself.
Also did you know that Starbucks has partnered up with Yahoo for free reads through your hand held devices while in store? Check it out.
I mean seriously there are cute card possibilities out there (this is a stock photo from shutterfly).
Except mine are more like this:
and here is the final photo I carded for last Christmas... yes children sit and smile in the 31 degrees ;)

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