Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Before I FallBefore I Fall by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I fell for Before I Fall. In fact I had this pile of stuff to do last night, but then the story hooked me in.
There are a few problems that I foresee in the book though, Teens: dude seriously if you are reading this book, DO NOT BE DRINKING.
I went through high school and there were totally not THAT many drunk kids in the school as in this book. I was a bit taken aback in the story about how plastered these girls were ALL THE TIME!
I guess it helped to be underprivileged in life because in my house not only was there no money for food, but there definitely was no money for me to buy booze.
But dang, even in the end I am glad at the last day she stopped drinking.
Otherwise, aside from being basically easy and drunk, and degrading little twerps this story was a black hole. I was caught and read it all through the night.
As each day unfolded you watched the story unfold through layers like an onion. Each day there was some change that had the domino effect, and as the days progressed there were more and more changes. At the last page I was saying WTF? but then I see where the author was going, but poor Kent he was sooooo sweet. That was my favorite part! And I love the imagery of his room, wait not naked Rob with his New Balance on still, but the moonlight and windows.
So Lauren, kudos to you it was a great book, the ending was abrupt and sad and Rob could have taken the hit, but otherwise it was amazing!
The writing flowed so smoothly I could not put it down. The cover was awesome and haunting me in my sleep, since it was laying next to me on the bed when I fell asleep right there after the end. Reading by headlamp is very serene.
SO go ahead and fall for it to. It takes your breath away.

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