Friday, September 3, 2010

Reviews: Other by Karen Kincy

I read Other today, and I very much so enjoyed it. It was a nice read, it flowed well. It carried with it some good snark, always a plus. In fact the main character Gwen's blog was titled, "Premeditated Snarkiness" which gave me a hoot.
This new authors weaves a nice setting and great characters for an everyday world filled with Other (fey) creatures/people in it. Basically one character in the story lays it out as humans vs. Others and would be Others' against Others, since there is a view that born others could be classified differently than made Others, such as being bit or scratched. So I really enjoyed the characters, I think it is a good YA novel, I hope the author continues to write.
When I came to purchase the book at our local haunt the Barnes and Noble, I had to ask where it was in the stacks because they have just remodeled the store and they YA section was in shambles, but when I got done telling a whole pile of workers (since it took a lot to find it in the boxes/piles) maybe they will actually have it out to see on the floor, and another teen picked up a copy also after I was done talking her ear off about the reviews on Other.

This has also been a part of the Debut Author Challenge

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