Friday, September 3, 2010

Forest of Hands and Teeth Book #3!

Hallo my peeps. I am so excited to pass on this pic! Here is the cover for The Dark and Hollow Places! Carrie Ryan is the best. When my Huz comes home and is all like, " Whatcha reading now... " I can say again, "Freaking zombies are clawing at the fences trying to eat these kids who are running away from these crazy societies! It is like the movie the Village; instead of 'those we do not speak of' there are the unconsecrated moaning chomping mouths!
He was real excited to hear me talk about the first two and I cannot wait for the snark of the third. I tried to get my teen to read them , but I think I came off too enthusiastic about my enjoyment, and I should have been like all, "Oh yeah it is ok I guess, you totally would not like it." And then she would because is that not how I got her hooked on the Hunger Games, and the Uglies also?

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