Friday, February 26, 2010

Review #4 Tall Dark and Fangsome, Michelle Rowan

Now see when I read books that look like they might be about Hunky men who may or may not be vampires the Huz gently informs me to not read while he is here, which I guess in that case I should be reading romance novels while he is gone and then ravaging him when he get home from work right? So while I had bough the on Friday I was informed to hold back until Monday when he works. Head lamp reading in bed while he was trying to sleep was out too.

So here is my review ya'll:

Tall Dark & Fangsome:
review: This was the only book in the series that my library carried so I had no other books from this author to compare it to . I did enjoy the book but some parts were a bit predictable. For me the writing style was not a smooth read, I didn't catch some parts of the story right off and had to kind of go back and look at parts to get some of the characters. That is what happens when you jump into the end of a series :) It was a good read and I did enjoy it. I liked the character descriptions, and the twists in this story. the humor in the writing was also good. So while I was left a bit wanting more from the book, I am sure that if I had read the series in succession that I might have come away a bit more fulfilled. Read on!

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