Friday, February 26, 2010

Review # 5 I'm the Vampire- Michele Bardsley

Ok so if you read that last post you would know that the Huz has his feeling about my readings but here are the kids.
When I was beginning this book the kids saw the cover and yelled, "Cupcakes! I want those eupcakes! I love those bats! Does that book teach you how to make those cupcakes. They look delicious! I wanna read a book about making cupcakes!"

And that went on and on and on while I was reading it that day. Then K was all, "what does that mean I'm the Vampire and that is why? Is that like your card that says 'I'm the MOM that's why?' Does that mean if you were turned into a vampire i would still have to listen to you because then you would be a vampire and a mom, but then if you could not go out in the sun, I wouldn't have to go to school?!?!?!?!"
Yeahhhhhh I should make myself a slipcover for my cook titled something like Child Punishment into 20th century, or Broccoli is Best, or 10,000 uses of Lima Beans, and then I know the kids would seer clear of my while I was reading :)

review: While the book kinda started off reminiscent of the Stackhouse series I was a bit turned off in the first few pages but after the second chapter I saw a new look into Broken Heart and I loved it. I really enjoyed this novel and again the language in the book was a hoot. I like how the characters can hold their own for the most part. I enjoyed the whole cast! I finished the book in a night, and it was great. I had to go out and get more. It's a fun read that leaves me feeling good. There us no cliffhanger in the end so it is like a complete story in the end you can end feeling good about and that is nice. Nice and warm and furry :)

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