Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What The Post: Dating Advice from Love By The Book

    Sometimes there comes a time when one must change the way you are doing things in life....
    For Lauren Cunningham this time she is changing the way she begins dating again and she begins by taking her advice from a book.

    Now wait, there are many dating advice books from throughout the ages but Lauren decides to take on the 1995 release of The Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, the 1928 release of The Technique of the Love Affair, Not Tonight, Mr. Right from 2007, The Art of Dating by Evelyn Mills Duvall released in 1958, Belle de Jour's Guide to Men published in 2009 by Belle de Jour, Manners for Women by Mrs. Humphrey written in 1897, and lastly, book eight Find a Husband After 35 by Rachel Greenwald.

    Many humorous parts of the book also revolve around Lauren acquiring theses books, and what it is like getting around the dating pool and trying to conform to a variety of dating standards across time from all of these titles.

    Melissa Pimentel brings a heroine to readers who is trying to discover something about herself and how she relates in the world after moving into London and the dating pool. Getting over a breakup is bad enough but an ex who keeps hanging around can only spell trouble. '

    From blind dates, to bad dates across all types of men and establishments readers will enjoy Pimentel's wit and humor as she showcases many of the troubles that women face trying to find Mr. Right, if he is even out there.

Book Blurb:

An American living in London, Lauren is intelligent, beautiful and loves to party. So why can't she convince a man she isn't after something more serious than scrambled eggs and goodbye in the morning?
Determined to snare some regular male affection, she embarks on a project: each month she will follow the rules of a different dating guide - from refusing to pay the bill to chatting up every man in her path - and will switch seamlessly to the next book at the end of each month. 
Lauren's love life is about to get scientific . .


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