Monday, January 19, 2015

Swoon Worthy Readings

Going Back in time -

This past month we have gone back in time....
To the Regency Era and author Julia Quinn!

While cleaning the house in December, I found a hidden cache of books from when we moved, and they were my Julia Quinn Collection. Surprisingly there were a few new books in my recent acquisitions and thus I need to have a while Bridgerton and Smythe-Smith read-through to catch up.

If you are a historical fan, these books are for you.
If you love reading romance, then these books are for you.

Julia Quinn has woven an amazing group of families together across these two series that are full of fun and snarky dialog, witty heroines, stuffy but complex heroes, and many many adventures.  Every book was a fresh read for me, and these characters develop all throughout the 9 Bridgerton Novels and the 4 Smythe-Smith books.

The Four Smythe-Smith Books capture the reader into the lives of the heroines of the Smythe-Smith family. From unicorns, to musicals, deathly plays and steaming libraries, these books will take the evening away to a earlier time of tea and dancing. Each book is filled with adventures and strong ladies and their families struggling to overcome one thing or another on their paths to fulfilling their destinies. 

The Bridgertons - This close knit family has been capturing readers hearts since 2000. Filled with fabulous characters and dangerous damsels and harrowing heroines, and lusty dukes, demanding brothers and let us not forget the mothers who fill the pages with their intentions. Whew! There is something for everything within the Bridgerton books that will keep you reading until the very last page and make you pine for more. Everybook holds a engaging story that is fulfilling unto the end.

So if you have not met the Bridgertons or the Smythe-Smith's I encourage you to pick up a read, and of them in fact..... and get lost midst these great families. 

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