Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Ten Books So Far In 2013

Top Ten Books I've Read So Far In 2013

1. Ever After    by Kim Harrison
  This was the end of The Hallows series and as the last page was turned I felt like I was            
   loosing something because this series has been with me for awhile now.

2. Frost Burned  by Patricia Briggs
   Mercy is a dynamic heroine that life keeps hammering, and as the series progresses we see all these new facets of WTFery that it keeps getting better and better.

3. Gameboard of the Gods  by Richelle Mead
  I have heard many people question this book, but I LOVED IT. There is going to be greatness coming out of this series and I cannot wait to see what it expands into. 

4. ICONS  by Margaret Stohl
  I was a Beautiful Creatures fan, so when I heard that the authors were breaking out into their own     books I began anticipating their release. ICONS is a fabulous new world by Stohl where people are facing off aliens that turns into some pretty epic adventures. The characters are deep and the betrayal strong. 

5. The 5th Wave  by Rick Yancey  
     Ok, ok now I am all about the dystopian but this guy raised the bar on how epic madness can happen to a civilization when bad turns to worse. No this was not like The Host using people, or The Bodysnatchers, it was its own whole new brand of occupancy.

6. The Eternity Cure   by Julie Kagawa
  I love Kagawa so anything that page vomits from her inner musings is a top book in my shelf. The story continues with some epic mind boggling evil and dramatic escapes.

7. Written In Red  by Anne Bishop
    Bishop rocked readers with the Black Jewels series back in the day so when this was coming out I Squeed myself a copy immediately.

8. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

9. The Elite by Kara Cass
   I loved the Selection and now with this out I am only pining for more.

10. House Rules by Chloe Neill
   This series been epic over the years and the suspense keeps on building.

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