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Arc Spot: Destiny Rewritten


Destiny, Rewritten
Kathryn Fitzmaurice
Releases: 2.19.13
Katherine Tegen Books

Our Thoughts On:

            What if you had believed that your entire destiny had been written for you, but you soon realized that you did not follow its outline? Some gifts that are given can be like obstacles holding you back in life, or at least the life you feel is out there just waiting for you if only you knew where to look. When Isabella Davis feels that there is a sign in a bookstore while pregnant with her unborn daughter, she may never realize the implication of desiring her daughter to be a renowned poet and that in naming her after Emily Dickinson could become a noose around a budding new talent.
            Weaving through different books of literature and exploring poetry, Destiny Rewritten crosses through works to turn into something entirely its own. Emily Davis is the young heroine portrayed in the story as trying to desperately find pieces of herself to establish her destiny. The destiny that her mother saw for Emily may not be the destiny that fits on her future though, as Emily struggles to find out secrets from her past which unravel and entire host of events that will delight readers.
            From tree sitting to rare book collections, Emily Davis is searching through Emily Dickinson to find the secret of her missing father. It is not as if he went missing, more as that her mother misplaced him in her passion for life. Isabella Davis fled from the East Coast to Berkley, CA and in finding that she was pregnant after a relationship from the East has found that leaving hints in poetry that she writes for Hallmark cards may not be enough to find her missing love and unknowing father. Left to the belief in fate and destiny may not be enough for Emily Davis as she tries to cope with losing a book containing hidden information on the identity of her father that was written in the margins of her baby book, a first edition of The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson.
            Emily Elizabeth Davis is a strong, determined heroine who will delight readers of any age. With a cunning determination in everything from collecting all the special rings in Cheerios boxes, to coloring the water cycle and struggling through poetry to discovering a new passion in life Emily Davis reaches out to women and girls with her humor and wit. Through letters to romance writer Danielle Steel we see a calculating side of Emily Davis that is trying to come to terms with her version of reality that is backing up into the ideas of her mother. For Emily destiny is not something written in stone, but malleable as clay and she intends to determine her own fate and wrestle with the consequences of her actions in her search for her own truth.
            What author Kathyrn Fitzmaurice brings to readers is a young woman in search of her own destiny and not something that someone thinks may be best for her. Through many daring determinations, Emily Davis changes her life quite possible for the better as her quest to uncover the identity of her father changes the way she may look to her future forever. Written beautifully with engaging and fun dialog, Destiny Rewritten will capture audiences of all ages as they follow Emily Elizabeth Davis unravel her past and come to terms with her future.

Blurb From The Publisher:

Des·tin·y: |destinē/(noun) The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.
Eleven-year-old Emily Elizabeth Davis has been told for her entire life that her destiny is to become a poet, just like her famous namesake, Emily Dickinson. But Emily doesn’t even really like poetry, and she has a secret career ambition that she suspects her English-professor mother will frown on. Then a seeming tragedy strikes: just after discovering that it contains an important family secret, she accidentally loses the special copy of Emily Dickinson’s poetry that was given to her at birth. As Emily and her friends search for the lost book in used bookstores and thrift shops all across town, Emily’s understanding of destiny begins to unravel and then rewrite itself in a marvelous new way.
In her third novel, Kathryn Fitzmaurice again weaves a richly textured and delightful story about unexpected connections, about the ways that friends can help us see ourselves for who we truly are, and about the most perfect kinds of happy endings: those that happen just on time.

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