Saturday, October 13, 2012

When We Play Videogames

Just Dance It

            Several years ago when the Wii came out, we were not the family in the rush to get the game system, in fact, it took us a year and a half to wait in a line to buy this apparatus; but with having five kids I have found Nintendo a good friend. Last week the latest version of Just Dance came out and we have a herd of girls and there is nothing more hilarious then seeing ages 4 -15 line up to dance out each other in the struggle to beat each other scores (yes! I am reigning champion still) all day. When the weather makes the turn to snow these kids can heat up the living room cranking away on their high scores.
            With every release this game just keeps on improving and whipping out great new popular songs and moves. Now on version 4 with your Mojo improving (oh Austin Powers and making the work Mojo sounding so much more hilarious) the game unlocks all new elements so you see the kids working even harder to get more new games. There are Dance Battles where you and your dancing opponent can attack each other with your high scores and Mash Ups that bring back dance moves from previous years’ games.
            So here was our shout out for the Wii version of Just Dance 4, I can totally curl up and read on a cold day as the kids dance up the house and heat it with their hours of competition. Like a great friends your Wii console is there to lend a helping hand or neon moves to help keeps kids busy and entertained no matter their age or expertise.

So yes, at the end of the night when we are having the dance off, we totally look like these fly chicks; except in pajamas.

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