Friday, October 12, 2012

Fist Pump Friday: NPR

            Today I have to Fist Pump NPR, or really our local NPR station. I know that there are so many available radio stations, especially when you get satellite radio or on the internet, but since we moved to the mountains we have limited availability of just about everything. One station that comes in is our local NPR radio and since we have no tv I really survive off current events from NPR. With the Backseat Bookclub we can read together that month’s book pick and discuss it with the children, and through Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Saturdays when we make a hot waffle breakfast we can snicker and guess what everyone was talking about.
            Living out in the sticks is teaching us many lessons lately and connectivity was a big issue and a big loss on our end.  Dial up internet totally failed us and satellite internet is highly unpredictable where we are and fraking expensive so the radio has been a great resource. It reminds me of the old movies where people would sit around a radio at night to hear weekly and nightly programs. Total War Of The Worlds moments for us when seriously we get excited for some NPR and local programs. Surely the pop radio station comes in and the kids whip their hair and crank of their dance moves but the commercials will finally get to change the channel and hit up the ipod soon enough, but NPR is like an old friend to turn to when the chores are all done.
            So thank you NPR for being a constant in our life. You bring us news and current events as well as national and local programs even out in the mountains, and while sometimes you come in fuzzy you struggle to keep those transistors working even through the snow and fire seasons.

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