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Wicked As They Come: Wanton Desire, Plus Killer Bunnies

A Fabulous Release:
Wicked As They Come
Delilah S. Dawson
released 3.27.2012
Pocket Books

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Author Spot:
I'm represented by Kate McKean of Howard Morhaim Literary Agency.

I’m an artist, wife, mom, goof, geek, and cupcake enthusiast. I’m also an Associate Editor on Cool Mom Picks, one of the hottest product review sites on the web. I have a BA in Studio Art from the University of Georgia, and I was high school Valedictorian, not that it matters much in real life. Before writing, I was a kids’ art instructor and arts administrator, including gallery direction and public relations. I paint murals whenever I can. And I was also briefly a cube monkey, but they didn’t get my sense of humor, especially the poster of sheep in bow ties.

Some of my favorite things are travel, books, movies, ninjas, vampires, pirates, baby pandas, cephalopods, horseback riding, roller skating, painting, Braeburn apples, boots, Candy Cane Lane tea, and cute jackets.

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  My Thoughts On Wicked As They Come:

Within a few pages of reading Wicked as They Come I was hooked. The story opens up with a woman named Tish Everett who has just come out of a bad relationship that she realized was all a sham, and now she is getting her life back together. Tish is our central heroine in the story and she is tired of being a doormat. Tish works hard, takes care of people as a nurse and she is still missing something in life. What Tish soon finds will turn her future around into something else entirely.
                While driving past one the home of a deceased patient, Tish walks into an estate sale and comes out into a whole alternate reality filled with bloodthirsty bunnies and traitorous carnies. It wasn’t that simple, there was no magic door to take Tish away, there was no mirror, all Tish had to do was fall asleep. After taking a tarnished locket from the sale and trying to clean it, Tish pushed a ruby in the necklace and is soon sprayed with bloody red liquid which opened up to a tiny portrait of a dark and beautiful man. With thoughts of this mysterious stranger, Tish falls asleep only to wake up naked on a slab of rock. While that may appeal to some, Tish is a bit more reserved then most so when out comes that dark stranger from her locket Tish assumes she is still dreaming. What she finds herself in is not a dream but another world, like ours but in a more steampunk advanced history and also filled with bloodthirsty entities. People of the Blud they are, but this also encompasses animals, once bitten the hunger for flesh and blood turns all living things into creatures of Blud and humans are a rare treat. With strict rules governing Bludmen and Bludwomen this group of people is ostracized for their very nature almost to the point of starvation and degradation.  
                Into the world of Sang readers will follow Tish, or here Letitia, and the Bludman Ciminy Stain on a whole host of perilous adventures that will give Letitia the ability to choose her future whether in the arms of the Blud or in the present with her grandmother. In Sang there are those of the Blud, the humans, and then there are the Strangers. The significance of the Strangers in the world of Sang is that the Strangers are humans, but sometime in the crossing they contain special powers or abilities or knowledge. These Strangers are redefining the world of Sang and causing complications for its inhabitants.  Where we sleep in one world, in another we can reap destruction or never wake up. 
                Criminy Stain is a central character in the novel alongside Letitia in Wicked As They Come and his talents and voice in the story and the evolution of the book were just amazing. WCTC is a Steampunk Historical Romance where clockworks can protect you and krakens attack subs all the while you can strap on a corset and tempt the craftiest of Bludmen. Criminy releases the wanton element in the story, because that locket that brought Letitita into Sang was basically his last draw to bring his heart, his love, to him. See Criminy is a romantic and after a nasty breakup he sent for a piece of himself through dark magic to the woman who would spend eternity with him, except what he found was a spirited woman who is juggling her realities and keeps him a hand span away. With some great banter and dialog readers will enjoy Criminy throughout the story and quite possibly fall for him themselves.  Surrounded by carnies, those of the Blud and a fantastic caravan, Criminy will stop at nothing to not only protect his people but also try and catch Letitia’s affections.  With danger following both characters and future looking none too bright for either, Letitia and Criminy must find strength in themselves and each other to pass the coming storm.
                 Dawson has brought to life a great pair of characters and has created an intriguing world that while close to our own, is altogether different and full of surprises. With a whole host of adventures and a thrilling perilous journey to save themselves and a whole world of people, Criminy and Letitia will bring readers into a new world filled with an all original romance in a time of Blud and bedpans.
                “Never,” he said. “I’m a gypsy. A rogue. Wicked as they come. .. We give them excitement; they give us the food we crave.”   P68
                “Honestly,” he said with a grin “how would that have worked? Oh hello, dream lover. Would you drink some of my blud so I won’t murder you in front of all these nice people?”He chuckled.   P251


*bloodthirsty bunnies
*clockwork critters
*hawt submarine times and KRAKEN!
*scaly hands

*received a copy of this book for review by the publisher. An honesty review was typed out by me with at least three cups of coffee in my system and I hope all errors were auto-corrected or fixed by flying monkeys in residence.

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