Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What The Post?! Week in Review

What The Post?!

The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry. Peeps, seriously they do.

Blogger has been unpredictable on posting scheduled posts so if you were waiting for the Dystopian Dish this past weekend, it was lost in Blog and since I was out of town I had not had internet since well yesterday.

Yesterday was World Book Night and it was semi fabulous, in that we were going to have a meet up in one of the cities also and distribute half the books and talk, but the power was out for three hours due to lightning and the meet up was cancelled. What did happen is earlier on a break I set out small three book displays around my usual coffee shop haunts, and I have a stack to go to the VA later, but due to storms yesterday, we are going tomorrow. So World Book Night, meet World Book Week here since it will be that much for the books to get into eager hands.

World Book Night wrap up though, people sometimes don't want free reads!? Seriously I was with the kids and we were trying to talk to people around town and hand out books, but after a half hour only one book found a new hand?! In my day if someone wanted to hand me a book I would have dropped down someplace and started it, I just love books that much, but people hardly gave us a minute of their time.

With the power out, and everyone outside last night walking and just plain wandering around the neighborhoods since the power was out and their houses were hot and humid, we did home a few books for people looking for something to do and hey! Some people were stoked to hear Ender's Game would be a movie next year, I did hear, "Is is like The Hunger Games?" A few times, and that was great because it did mean that people were at least getting out and seeing the movie also.

Book In Hand:

Thief's Covenant by Ari Marmell

What We Read:

Masque Of Red Death by Bethany Griffin     (edelweiss)
Unraveling                     by Elizabeth Norris   (edelweiss)
Except The Queen       by Jane Yolen & Midori Snyder  

Hitting The Bookstore For:

Tricked           by Kevin Hearne  (USPS hurry up with my pre-order I want that in hand asap!)
Deadly Descent            by Jenna Black
Summoning The Night  by Jenn Bennett
Ascend                          by Amanda Hocking

Literary Escapism always had a fabulous list of New Releases up on their SITE HERE

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