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Please Excuse Me Whilst I Grab My Soapbox: It's All In Your Mind Edition

Soap Box Edition: It's All In Your MIND

Carolyn Crane & The Disillusionist Series

   I have a confession, I failed myself miserably for a year when I chose to pass up reading a book because (gasp!) I was not impressed by a cover. Now I will not call myself a cover wh(shhhh!next three letters!) but I did fail to read a book sent to me for review just because I did not like its looks. I read a few pages but was not immediately captured, and in fact had several reader friend types recommend the series to me. It was always, oh yeah I have that in the TBR pile I will get to it one of these days, but I soon find it that I was kicking myself as I delved into the Disillusionists Series.
    It is the future, and no we still don’t have teleportation!, but some people have some specials skills people would be killing for. Before you get in line for the supernatural traits we have a warning for readers that there will always be someone more manipulating and powerful than you, sorry. What Carolyn Crane did so well with this series is that there are some powerful people out there, and revenge is a dish best served on multiple occasions, and there are some fantastic heroines who are tired of their crap. 
    Justine Jones is just your average lady trying to win over some like and keep a job, but what separates us from her is some head trauma drama. Mind Games gave me a slow start at first because while it is fine to have a disease drama, Justine harped on her Star Vein disability a lot and I think that was what originally drove me to put down mind games. Crane saved us readers from all of that by the fabulous introduction to Parker which caught us readers in the headlights as he mastered out his fabulous plan all the while he is contained in a restaurant.  Contained as in magically imprisoned no less, but still he is an evil hawt mastermind genius who knows how to talk to a lady. Justine finds herself useful in all of her pent up fear and through some training from Parker she can basically inject someone with her fear and they manipulate clients into what they are paid to do. Someone murder someone you knew? Go find yourself a Disillusionist and they will warp them back into shape with some touching techniques.
     The twists of fate are what really caught me into this series. What if the power of touch was something that you could use against someone? Some characters in this book do not ever have to get that close but can twist reality into whatever they want. Would you use this kind of power for good, or for a price, or would it corrupt you into something else entirely. What is love or fear but an emotion and how far would you twist someone emotions and memories to create something to your advantage. The concept of mind games is intriguing and Carolyn Crane played it well in this trilogy through her heroine and great cast of supporting characters that weaved the plot so well together through all three books.  With your friends to help you sometimes anything can become possible, except when you don’t always remember them.  Through some double crossing and sleight of mind/hand techniques these characters will take you into a world of mind bending action, murder and subversion that will leave you wanting one of those aluminum foil hats and a safety room.

Books In The Series:

Mind Games                   
released 3.23.2010 

Review: HERE

Double Cross
released 9.28.2010

Review: HERE

Head Rush
released 12.6.2011

* All copies of book for this series were purchase personally and read and reviewed.

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