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Fist Pump Friday: Dystopians

This Fist Pump Goes Out to Dystopians

Alright, bring it Wiki

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dystopia is the idea of a society in a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian. Examples of dystopias are characterized in books such as Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four. Other examples include The Iron Heel, described by Erich Fromm as "the earliest of the modern Dystopian"[1], and the religious dystopia of The Handmaid's Tale. Dystopian societies feature different kinds of repressive social control systems, various forms of active and passive coercion. Ideas and works about dystopian societies often explore the concept of humans abusing technology and humans individually and collectively coping, or not being able to properly cope with technology that has progressed far more rapidly than humanity's spiritual evolution. Dystopian societies are often imagined as police states, with unlimited power over the citizens.

With so many books out there flooding the genre, it is the rise of the Dystopian Novels out there.
Erin Bowman broke the Dystopia down into a fantastic flowchart that makes it easy for us to understand the structure for the end of day:

That is one badass flowchart am I right?!
Seriously though for my house it is a post apocalyptic world whenever we run out of coffee and I cannot grasp getting out of bed in the morning. Infact the kids have coined the term, coffee zombies in the house just for us it is that tragic.

Now how will the world go down we wonder?

By plague, perhaps? Brush up on The Way We Fall
only through avoiding your neighbors may you survive this outcome.

The Moon?
Oh If we learned anything from Susan Beth Pfeffer, we are screwed and that big glowing sucker is taking us down all slow and starving like.

So screwed again. If the Brave Little Toaster ever taught us anything is it that technology and appliances may just outnumber us in the end. I can barely operate my dishwasher, when the tech takes over I may in fact be the first to go if my treadmill takes me out in the morning while the ipod cord strangles me.

How about GAS?
No I am not talking about beano, but petrol. When that stuff goes we are toast also since just about everything runs on petroleum in some manner. I know I have to drive 32 miles to the store for good coffee so I may go quickly to this also.

What about Water!
It is scary if people in the house don't wash at LEAST every other day so I cannot imagine a world without water. Dude, and back to Coffee?! I am so screwed if it is water that takes us down.

Maybe it will be the Sky
after a long war that takes us out slowly but with wicked cool nightlights...

Or Dust and Mad Max like ilk.

Then of course, there may be ZOMBIES in many shapes and forms. In fact if you are looking up to freshen up your zombie lore and preventatives there is a whole range of reading for you out there are your hungry brethren.

But, then again, it may just be ourselves that finally take us down.

Then again it could be a Blast, and you may never have known how much you like birds, especially when the universe comes at you and says, "yes, maybe I will PUT A BIRD ON him (portlandia, ha!)" and you really may never have know how special your doll was, in fact, so much so that you never wanted to let her go.


In the after world of Dystopian, whatever your nightmare, there is a app for that, book for that and the genre is filling up every year with more books on how we may or may not survive the struggles of the future.

I know for certain that we are loving the influx of reads since we are quite pessimistic in this house and love a good end of days snark up like the next person. No parachord jewelry is going to save us from whatever may come that is for sure.

But with all of these books on hand to help you survive, well at lease you could bludgeon the zombies with the hardbound in a time of need. Insulate your wall with the reads, or if worse came to worse, heat your home (dude it would totally have to be end of days then) but whatever your read of choice, ENJOY. Now is never a better time to improve your literacy than with a great dystopian novel.

+Disclaimer - Fist Pump Friday was totally thought up by someone else and while their posts centered on heath and fitness, FPF here revolves around interesting topics.

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