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Distopian Dish: What Haunts those HUNTed

Distopian Dish: Those we HUNT . . .

Coming in May 2012 is a thrilling new release that will catch readers into the plight of what may possibly be the last humans on earth struggling to, well, not get eaten for one.

When humanity is onto it's last days and everyone else wants to eat us, raw and all, where do we stand when we only have the sun to keep up alive and the night to fear the darkest fear of the things that hunt us in at dark. When it is wicked dark out there and the vampires hunt you there seems to be nothing left on this earth for humans, and sadly that may be so. Humans can only band together and struggle to survive for something. In this new dystopian reality where the vampires want to eat us all and they are not all sparkly and compassionate we meet our main character who in the beginning has no name, since really who needs those anymore that is so like human, names. Then we find out that these vampire types have some of the last humans all stashed up in a secret dome research facility and to keep the populous happy with their current overlord and moral high, he is having the last HUNT of the last humans, or hepers in this case, because a united vampire front all for a lottery of human flesh is totally a way to keep your people loving you.
   The crazy part of the last humans is that they have been studied for all of these last years by a scientist and then the real questions is where have these humans come from? Could there actually be more people somewhere, we sure hope that there is a stronghold somewhere with more people right? Or is the struggle over and should these humans just give up, or fight on?
   The future is wicked crazy in any dystopian but through The HUNT we find our human counterparts struggling to survive in a society lead by predators and hope in a hopeless world can be hard to muster for anyone, let alone the last of your species.

Andrew Fukuda
releases 5.8.2012
St Martin's Griffin

My Thoughts On:
      What if you are down to your last night, and no matter how hard you tried to be unnoticed in the same room as the monsters, it has boiled down to your last day where sunlight is your only ally and the night is their only hunting ground. The Hunt is a masterfully written novel of a future with vampires owning the night, and the last humans struggling to survive. There are no sparkly compassionate vampires in this novel; in fact The Hunt is all about the primordial hunter of the night, slavering at the      prospect of flesh and uncontrollable one that first blood is spilled from a human being. 
     The story opens up and introduces us to a boy who has no real name at home, nor at school. Assigning names according to their seats in school we quickly realize that this is not your average high school and that these are not your average students. The Hunt is like a slow reveal about the state of the world, this dystopian future is running at night and you still have to go to school except this time the future is that human are on the verge of extinction and the mass populous is the night thriving vampires. We later find that our lone human in the midst of hunters is named Gene and he has a hard live struggling to keep up the appearances of being a vamp while really falling under the normal problems of being human. 
    Something huge is coming to the populous when it is announced that the last Heper (their term for human) Hunt will commence shortly and through a lottery seven numbers will be drawn and these chose will be the last vampires to hunt the soon extinct hepers. With a surprise around every turn and the fear of being found out driving Gene to try and save not only himself but the captive humans that have been reserved for The Hunt. 
The Hunt is a fast past thrill run of the trials and loneliness of struggling to survive in a hostile future that has your days numbered in how well you can survive the night. With a fast paced story that will surprise readers, The Hunt will capture readers in the plight of the last humans on Earth while also showing us that there is a great scheme at work hopefully in future books, and everything may not be as we seem. 
   When you are losing every cover that protected you from the hunters and with betrayal hot and thick on your tongue, do you turn to save the last of your kind or do you stay to fight the night? 

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