Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Hangover: A Perfect Blood

Good Book Hangover: A Perfect Blood Edition

I kicked to the curb all of my obligations for the past night and day to read this book of awesomesauce by Kim Harrison, Hallows #10, A Perfect Blood. There is no other series I think that has kept up such a fabulous intriguing storyline and kept their characters so friggin' interesting as Kim Harrison.

Sometimes in longer series there is some loss or dull moments, but Rachel Morgan never faces those in her books. Facing otherworldly and human forces Rachel is constantly pushed  through her breaking point but she never wallows too long in self pity but picks up herself and kicks some major arse.

With the release of A Perfect Blood I was so highly anticipating I was not let down, in fact as the tension between Rachel and Trent developed as well as the multi-layer dip of all of the supporting characters was being dipped into I was thrilled because it was just that well done I did not want to put the book down. Sadly I did have to take breaks between reading, but oh my goodness!

My Thoughts on A Perfect Blood:

Pale Demon left us with a slightly damaged Rachel having been through hell and back keeping the world together from demons, when the real world was at the same time slamming her for her heritage and abilities. APB shows us a side of Rachel that is frightened of the world coming down around her with the release of her designation as a demon and even getting her driver's license is brings about trouble. Money woes are down, but home woes are up and soon to be getting harder to handle as her pack Alpha David is waiting for Rachel to man up and get her pack tattoo while also putting her under bodyguard security since demons are not so welcome above ground as Rachel soon finds out. When authorities come looking for help and to lay blame, Rachel soon finds herself in the middle of not only an agency war, but a growing threat to all supernaturals from an extremist group bent on eradicating anything less than human.

Trent makes appearances that are just plain cozy and smoking hot, so the tension is building there and it is great for Rachel to experience a few slices of cherry pie happiness.

Ivy strives to keep Rachel alive with all of the danger and deceit while also falling for Glenn and then finding herself in trouble with vamps and her liaisons.

A Perfect Blood was just that, freaking perfect for me. I loved that there were many times tidied up in the book while keeping up with plot twist and action that are so inherit in the Hallows series.
The book was fast past and action packed keeping me on the edge of the page. As the story progressed throughout the book and the dangers piled up I thoroughly enjoyed the snark and wit in the character exchanges, and at the end I collapsed into that delectable Good Book Hangover that really makes me relish this series as I lay back and see the spines line up on the bookcase.

Thank you Kim Harrison for such a greatly developing series that keeps me coming back for more every time.

A Perfect Blood
Kim Harrison
Harper Voyager

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