Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wordstock PDX 2011

Oh yeah peeps. I have packed the car and by GODS I hope to have left at 8am for my 5hr drive from S.OR to PDX for the most fabulous Wordstock Festival. If you are heading over there, I hope to see you. I made myself a fancy hokey badge that I think rocked, until my printer ran out of ink and it looks faded.
So I am Volunteering on Sunday AM but both days Child 1 and I are seeing the literary sights.

@Wordstock this year we are hitting up these speakers: Lauren Oliver (squee!) Maggie s (friggin triple squee!) Scott Westerfeld (oh I squeed myself) and many more.
Child 1 is ecstatic for Scott W. Pseudonym Bosch and Lauren Oliver.
I have been scrounging change for the meters in town to see some sights and I can only hope this event is more awesome than I can dream of.
Get your lit on.
Happy Reading.

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