Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Crossed

Crossed (Matched, #2)Crossed
by Ally Condie
Releases: 11.1.2011
384 pages

My Review:
Ally Condie's sequel to Matched, Crossed brings back our two central character's Ky and Cassia.
Separated from each other and sent to distant parts of the Outer Provinces, Ky and Cassia struggle to survive and also keep hope alive in getting back together. Cassia is in a work camp when she takes the ultimate risk jumping into a ship sending Abberations into a new remote Province. Taking this chance Cassia hopes to get closer to Ky and also closer to discovering more about the Rising.
Ky on the other hand is trying to survive through all of the battles taking place as the Society keeps depositing Abberations on old farming lands to keep an illusion of current residence.

What really captured me in Crossed is how all of the characters paths are crossing and also at the same time dividing from other. Xander only has a few parts in the story but as he is also a vital character and we soon find he also has a significant secret that is being revealed. Ky reveals his past as well as his fears in the future which begin to tear Cassia's ideas apart and Cassia soon finds herself torn between not only the two boys but also what she finds out in her famous past and also in what she wants for her future.

What can the characters believe in when at times they cannot believe in each other. Will they have the strength to overcome their fears and be able to fight for their futures.
What is the Rising promising? And what is the Society really doing to it's Citizens.

Crossed is so much more of a fabulous read than I expected. As the story shifts and expands to more than just a tale of love, we find ourselves swept in to a story of a live divided and a place where war is not only within ourselves and our ideals and prior beliefs but also with each other.
There are so many things revealed about the world of the Matched Trilogy in Crossed so with the next book we should be stunned and expecting many surprises.
This series continues to astound me and explore many themes that I find exceptionally interesting.

*** this book was part of an ARC tour from ATWT, thanx!

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