Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Drink Slay Love

Drink, Slay, LoveDrink, Slay, Love
by Sarah Beth Durst
Released 9.13.2011

DSL is one of my favorite snarky new releases this year. I have to say that Sarah Beth Durst out did herself on this was. I declare DSL the awesomesauce of it's release month.
We open up from the view point of a young vampire named Pearl, and she is seriously the best little vamp out there right now because you just have to love her witty dialog. She is with her boyfriend Jadrien hitting he town so a quick bite to eat.
While munching behind a restaurant pearl get staked through the chest by none other than the pearly horn of a unicorn and soon Pearl's whole life, or that there of, will be turned upside down.
Discovering her ability to see sun for the first time, since vampires burn up from exposure in this rendition, her parents send her to high school to infiltrate the town to find kids that a coming host of vampires can feed off of. Soon it all gets complicated.

This story has it all, a girl growing into her changing body, her changing status in her community and in her family. Pearl's survival is at stake, and there us danger everywhere. Toss in a love triangle, romance, danger, and suspense and you have a great book or a great series in the making.
The boys in this novel are to die for. The ladies picked up some arse kicking boots and are ready to get the party started. Read Drink,Slay,Love and have a good time. It is full of fun.

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