Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where Does the Time Go

The last few weeks has been a crazy town. The house is like an apocalypse in and of itself and I think the cars logged 3000 miles this summer between the two of them. Child one not only got braces (nooo! there goes the book moolah....next month!) and then tonsils out (ack but good) and now school is upon us all.

I have a dwindling stack of to-be-read book since I was in the car and the doctor's offices which equaled extra down time, but alas it also equals a hiatus on new reads. The library has me on a wait list for a stack, so I am hoping there are some fast readers there.

One thing that I always find that is so amazing about reading in when you have a great book, one you just don't want to put down, the universe tries its utmost to keep you away from the pages. Especially those last four pages of a book. Those are the whammy, where the shiiit has hit the fan and you want to know what happens and then anything and everything comes in your way, tearing your eyes from the pages and ursurping your attention until you want to cry and harrumph around the house.

Oh yeah, it was one of those days as I was reading the Hour of Dust and Ashes by Kelly Gay that my mind was hijacked into the getting the homework down and into bed routine. Those last few pages were a powerhouse of awesomesauce. I cannot wait for more great books in this series from Gay.

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