Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Tour Review: Pocket the Hour of Dust and Ashes

The Hour of Dust and Ashes (Charlie Madigan #3)The Hour of Dust and Ashes 
by Kelly Gay

  • Pub. Date: August 2011
  • Publisher: Pocket Books
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback , 336pp

My Review:
Kelly Gay has created an amazing heroine with Charlie Madigan.
Let me say what i love most about Charlie's character is that she feels very real as you read. There are not a lot of single mother heroines who actually talk about their kids in books, and Gay does that very well blending parenting and family into her books. I also love that Charlie gets tired, she fails occasionally in her exploits and she encounters loss, while at the same time arising from these low personal times of herself and then picking to to kicking some arse and getting retribution.
Sometimes dealing with life takes some spongebob panties, and dirty torn clothes. Add in some dirt and near death drowning, king murder, creepy black swirly death mist, and dino sized lizards and you have a fantasmic story.
The Hour of Dust and Shadows was an engrossing read that I did not want to put down. The pages flew through my fingers and the characters really caught my attention. As the plot twisted and problems arose, Charlie dealt her hand in the mix and kept on pushing for a happy ending. When Hanks character takes a turn, ohh I love Hank-where is a Siren when I need one, Charlie will not let the ending of this book go. I cannot wait to read more from Charlie and everyone in the book.
The Hour of Dust and Shadows was a powerhouse of a read. The plot was fast, thick and catching, and the characters were awesome.
If you have missed the Charlie Madigan series, go pick it up, because it is a real treat to read.
What started off with a Better Part of Darkness, and then moved into The Darkest Edge of Dawn, swings us into The Hour.
Kelly Gay has created a fantastical new future filled with everything that goes bump in the night, while slipping in some luscious men and challenging us with some dangerous women.

**Thank you Pocket books for a copy on tour!

Book Description:

To save her sister, she must stop a silent killer. . . .
Protecting Atlanta from the off-world criminals of Underground is tough enough, but now Detective Charlie Madigan and her siren partner, Hank, learn that the addicts of the offworld drug ash have begun taking their own lives. Ash makes humans the perfect vessels for possession, and something or someone is leading them to their deaths. Charlie is desperate to save her addicted sister, Bryn, from a similar fate. As New Year’s Eve approaches and time runs out, Charlie makes a deadly bargain with an ancient race of beings and embarks on a dangerous journey into hellish Charbydon with Hank and the Revenant Rex to save Bryn and make it back before it’s too late. Only, for one of them, coming home means facing a fate worse than death. . . .

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