Thursday, September 15, 2011

On Books and Bears

Recently I have been debating on whether or not to move back into the sticks, or trees really since OR does not have sticks, but Fir trees are kind of almost like weeds? Native weeds/trees?

My unfondest memory is of bears. Dang I dislike them. After a while bears could care less about people and more about squatting on your porch shoving the dogs away from their food bowls and scratching their rears on your car and what not. Don't get me on cougars either. Cougars will munch a sheep far quicker than a goat. But there are bears in the woods! I could take them, plus I have bear grade pepper spray in my daypack just in case. Would that work on unfriendly vampires?!

I can say that it was on the woods that my first library book was chewed on by a dog. There was a $25 fine on that puppy, and in fact I kept it because it was White as Snow by Tanith Lee and I loved it.
So not only may you encounter bears, but your bear blocking dogs may eat the library book you love and cause you to get a fine. Hmm choices.

I was excited to know that the place we are looking at has USPS because sometimes in the sticks you do not get mail (like my previous stick living) and I love my mailman (as a mail carrying friend) she rocks, and she leaves my lovely bookies on the porch.

So may perhaps upon moving I can have that hammock I am always talking about at home, and I may have to buy another shotgun since I gave away my old precious when I moves to the suburbs. Only time will tell.

But wait I have a book to read so ... READ ON!!!

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