Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review+Spoilers: A Need So Beautiful

A Need So Beautiful
by Suzanne Young
Hardcover, 252 pages
Expected publication: June 21st 2011
by Balzer & Bray
Suzanne Young brings us into the world of the Forgotten where Angels are on Earth to bring peace and carry a heavy burden.
Charlotte is the main character of the story. Found walking the halls of a clinic at the age of six, Charlotte is adopted by Mercy a foster parent and cycles through siblings. Mercy works long hours and apparently Charlotte has a needy boyfriend who I think brought a negative element into the story. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the basis of the story and I loved the progression of our main character, but that boy I could have done without and here is why.
Charlotte's mom works long hours so is not home and Charlotte roams the town and escapes from home to go see her boyfriend a lot. What I have against him is that all he seems to want to do is get into her pants.
I kind of see the elements of a foster child wanting to have someone love them, but the boy (really the guy) seems to be doing is using her. Only at the end do we get a little insight into him, still though up until then it is see boy = lay him, and I did not appreciate that element in the story.
I loved Charlotte when she was not around the boyfriend. The stresses of realizing her future exacerbate her need to survive even as she realized she may turn into something even worse than a peaceful light.
There were great elements in the story, and I was teary by the end. It was a really profound novel with some of the ideas in it.
Unfortunately I was totally turned off by the boyfriend.
Otherwise a great story by a new author.
I cannot see what she writes next.

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