Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drop Your Sword Entry!

Kevin Hearne has released another epic release with his recent book Hexed. The whole book was a ton of awesome! Hexed carried on the tale of Atticus and it totally rocked my stripey socks. Hammered is released next month and I cannot wait!
Kevin Hearne has an awesome contest that is ending soon, and here was my entry.

1.) This sucker’s international, unless you’re from Trinidad & Tobago. I’ve never gotten over my disappointment that the proper demonym for your country isn’t “Toboggans”. That totally crushed my spirit when I was learning about your country in sixth grade geography, and this is my petty revenge.
2.) Take a giant swig of your creative juices and snap a digital photo of HEXED in an amusing composition. Perhaps Atticus is pointing at something in the foreground…perhaps he’s protecting something in the background? Title it or write a caption for it—or both. You can use the paperback, a cover display on your electronic device, or even use the cover art digitally if you want to do the entire thing in Photoshop. See? No purchase necessary.
3.) Either post your composition somewhere and link to it in the comments below, or send me a jpeg as an attachment in an email sent to kevin at kevinhearne dot com. You have until Wednesday, June 15!
4.) By entering the contest you give me permission to post your picture here and on my author Facebook page in an album I’m creating for the purpose.
5.) I will pick two winners at random so you’ll have a chance at winning even if you ran dry of creative juices long ago. But I will pick five winners because they make me smile, chuckle, titter, or even guffaw. I haven’t had a good guffaw in a long time. Last time was back in ’98, I think.
6.) As a hint, I tend to enjoy wordplay and double meanings quite a bit. Be punny and you’re more likely to make me titter.

1. One of five signed copies of HAMMERED, third book in the series.
2. One of two signed copies of HEXED, which you may already own, but think of all the Cool Points you’ll have if you own a signed copy too! ;)

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