Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top 5: Superpowers

Top 5 on Sunday: Superpower Edition

While there are a lot of powers to choose from out there in the literary world here are my five choice and where is the mad scientist to provide them for me?!

1. Persuasion: Seriously, any mother of 1) children, 2) multiple children, 3) teen/tween children would love this power. Yes child you will make bed and feed bunny with no grief. Soccer equipment for game will be in car the night before, yes mom. Imagine a world of yes's.

2. Shifter: I would love the power to change form. Dig hole for garden = canine. Take out neighbors noisy parrots = eagle. Persuade neighbors cat to not pee on shoes = tiger.

3. Doppleganger: There are times when we all need an extra hand around the house to get things done. Replica cannot eat though, or all of my ice cream rations would be gone twice as fast.

4. Telekenesis: I want the ability to get things to me quicker or muti-task. Yes this is me holding a book with my mind powers and turning the page while I braid the daughter's hair for the night.

5. Teleportation: Taking 12 hours to drive to family is a snap with the powers of teleportation.
That book signing 16 hours away=snap; that tour event=snap; RT next year=snap. Teleportation/Timetravel=Babysitter? nope snap I can go back in time ;) = extra funds for books!

Ah that would be just super to have all of that ;)

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