Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

CloakedCloaked by Alex Flinn
Released February 2011
Published by Harper Collins
341 pages Paperback

Cloaked was a great mash up of fairy tales. In fact it was fantastic to read. Cloaked is the story of a shoemaker, there were some brownies but mainly there was a girl; in fact there were two girls.
Enter in Johnny.
There comes a time when a 17 year old boy lusts after a pretty girl, but he misses the attraction his close friend feels for him, and goes after the hot foreign princess visiting the hotel. What Johnny doesn't know is that his shoemaker life is going to get pretty weird, and fantastical pretty quick.
Alec Flinn intermingles a whole host of stories around this young male character. The tales being with the now turned to frog prince, an evil witch, talking swans, and a helpful rat.
Johnny goes through the story righting wrongs, and falling in love for the real princess in his life while solving family troubles and finding new ones.
Cloaked was a delightful read that will leave you laughing and feeling warm and squishy by the end alongside a lot of fairy tales that have not been revisited in awhile.
An adaptation not to be missed.

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