Monday, December 20, 2010

Reading Challenge: Support the Library!

I am all for supporting my local library. See this librarians here needs your help, she wants you to take her books, take her books right now!
Our local library is our main town haunt. There is not much else in my small town to do then hang out at our library. See my daughters and I are book nerds, and we roam the shelves and reserve books as soon as we see them. We even order our audio books for bedtime stories through them.
Seriously, when I am too tired to read or the neighbors too loud next to us in their townhouse (seriously do you need to wash your dog at 11 pm in the shower alongside my head?!?) Audio Books are great. I bet they love those raunchy romance novels thrusting through the paltry insulation ;)
So thus, we enter the Support the Library Reading Challenge: MEGA SIZE!
Because we are SERIOUS readers, and the Huz only has one job so I cannot afford to buy all my books new.
So readers I will try and label some of my books as library challenged if I can remember but I will try and pose a few, maybe in their natural habitat.
So come on join in on the challenge fun.
And thus 2011 begins!
the Support the Library Challenge was brought o us all by The Book Junkies Books.

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