Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trailer Thursday: Movie Style

Here to you I bring the release of Little Red Riding Hood that is being released next year.
It looks quite interesting. It is like SleepyHollow meets The Village.
I sure cannot wait. I will need to bring some theme food to the theaters like: jerky, red vines, and a fur cape and all to keep warm from all that snow shot and it must be a 10 ft long cape because ya know after seeing this I must figure that there is no length that be too long for a cape and all .
Are you coming with me ;)


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ohh, now that looks fantastic! Has a Twilight sort of feel to it. I think even if it hadn't said it was the same director, I would've thought it. Love Amanda Seyfried!

The Studes said...

when it first started i thought to myself.. "it has a bit of a twilight feel to it" then it shows " from the director of twilight.. lol

it looks good though I think amada whatever her anme is seems to be perfect for the part!