Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Blood: The End of Season 3

I was totally expecting more from True Blood's last episode.
There were a few high points this season, but way too many low and SLOW times for the season.
While there were some great lines some characters had, geeze there were hours of silent staring moments that really burned my biscuit.

At this point for the series I am:
1. Yeah leave Tara! Take those wiggling eyebrows, cheek wobbles and quivering lips and minutes of silent staring with you.
2. F U Bill, and the biatches you rode in with.
3. Go Pam you rocked this episode.
4. Finally, Sookie stands up for herself this season and bitch slaps all those dudes.
5. Alcide looked tall dark and broody. And finally
6. Whoa Sam. He is taking a Stand.

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