Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review: Storm Glass by Maria Snyder

This is the first book in the series that Maria Snyder has released that I have read. I picked it up from the library over the weekend and it sucked me into the the tale.
Having never read any of her other works, I was really impressed by the authors writing. It tells enough about the world, that I am not skipping over any to lengthy descriptions, and the characters are moving and amazing. As the story talks about the different magic users and their feelings of usefulness in the land you become absorbed in their plights.
When the main character makes a discovery about how a situation had changed and she was once again a captive from someone and this time it was basically a body snatching, the tale was told so well I had no idea that characters had changed.
So I was surprised. I really enjoyed Kade the Stormdancer and hope to see more of him in the following books. I enjoyed the main character Opal and I like seeing her development into a stronger woman, and she better shack it up with Kade in the next book. ;)

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