Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Dark Victory by Brenda Joyce

I had a fun read in this book, because I took it so lightly.
Because you know that it takes naught but a ripped Scottish highlander than to send a girl over into a swooning orgasmic plaid adventure, have this book out for good coffee table banter.
Dark Victory is the second book in the Rose Trilogy from Brenda Joyce. In these series each book primarily centers around one of three sisters and their hunky medieval highland partners with huge thick staffs.
In this book, sister Tabby is pulled back in time to aide her highlander Macleod who overcomes some childhood massacre issues and finally stops murdering his neighbors due to an old, old, blood feud.
Dark Victory was a good read.
I had some fun, it is great fuel for humorous fodder.
There are a lot of almost rape scenes since you know it takes a bit of force to get an sister all hot and bothered after she tells you no a lot. And 'ye know ye will like it better when I am in ye' and all that.

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