Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: The Trouble With Being A Duke

The Trouble With Being a Duke (At the Kingsborough Ball, #1)The Trouble With Being a Duke
by Sophie Barnes
At The Kingsborough Ball Series
Avon Books

Our Thoughts On:

It began with a dress, a secret, and a desire . . .

Isabella Chilcott always hoped for a happily ever after, but she is arranged into a marriage to support her family. With the ever looming proposal of marriage haunting Isabella, she is realizing that her dreams of a romance are waning but maybe just one Ball could help her adjust to the life she will live soon. Just one Ball . .

Anthony Hurst is the Duke of Kingsborough and their family has been in morning for his father, his mother has left society but a Ball may brings something fresh and lively into their life. With a past as a rake with a reputation and women hungry like wolves for title, Anthony has almost given up all hope at finding happiness these days. Obligation is heavy on his heart and just the very thought of a Ball is sending shivers down his spine as ladies come calling.

When these two characters meet under the cover of masks at the Ball sparks will fly and so may skirts soon after. Isabella is still holding fast to her obligation to marry into a loveless marriage to aid her family, but will Anthony be able to impress upon Isabella his love before it is too late?

What I truly enjoyed about this book was the genuine feelings the characters shared between each other even as they tried to deny them. Their positions in life soon came to no importance as their feelings began to take over their daily lives. With a fabulous cast of supporting characters in Isabella's sister, and Anthony's family and friends, we are drawn into this story more with each page turned.

Sophie Barnes has brought out a Duke and shared with us a lady in disguise pattered with the classic Cinderella story but filled with all new intrigue, romance and ton.

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I'm trying to catch up to your party, Sophie, after arriving late! Hope your tour is going like gang busters. And I like the blurb and blogger on Snarky Mamma.