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Romace Revelry: Lets Get Married This Season

We Have Made A New Feature Here on An Avid Reader: the Romance Revelry

This will feature our romance titles that keep us up at night, and give you a heads up when the reads get steamier than YA. While we stray away from heavy hot romance, we enjoy a good rompy read with laces and cravats now and then so here we go . .  .

This Week We Are Looking At:
The Legend of  St. Dwynwen

We always end up picking up into the middle of a series now and then and Candace Camp helps is out by always making a mention to the ties in her series with each books. The Legend of St. Dwynwen series connects readers into the world of ladies and Earl's all irrevocable tied in one way or another to each other, for better or worse, through scandal or ruination at the hands of each other or another. All with a little help from a Welsh patron Saint of Love, St. Dwynwen. 

We picked up the series in the third book, and had a fabulous read.

Our Thoughts On The Marrying Season:

            London is agape at a scandal ripe with intrigue over the abrupt happenings at a recent wedding party. Genevieve Stafford was a recently betrothed to the Lord Dursburt, but after such a scandal and the lord’s lack of support her future is ruined. Genevieve Stafford is at the dilemma in that she must protect her family and her name even as this paradigm shifts for her, and having the strength to overcome her upcoming obstacles and survive the attack on her character is only the beginning to this young woman’s backbone. Could a marriage save her family from disgrace and reduce the scandal?
            In a story filled with turmoil and passion, author Candace Camp returns to her Legend of St. Dwynwen Series to bring readers the tale of Genevieve Stafford and Sir Myles of Thornwood. Is there more to Genvieve than her presumed cold exterior, because if Myles wants this marriage to be anything more than helping a fallen lady save face in a harsh society he has his work cut out for him. What Myles can bring Genevieve’s family is some security from the scandal, but will the marriage work out for both parties, and can love be found over duty and name.
            Filled with romantic tension and wild escapades, The Marrying Season carries readers along into the dynamics of past London filled with society and propriety. In a time where women had little voice and family names ranked high in matters, London’s women had many rules to protect their positions in life, and scandal was easy to come by but very hard to clear off from association with individuals. Filled with soirees and dancing life for any young lady was a challenge, but adding to that the social and family obligations of status and duty in life in the ton and there were not many freedoms for females. This novel delves into the past, pushes past some customs and stiff collars to provide a colorful attitude for the characters even as they are trying to overcome the scandals developing around them.
            In the tradition of the Legend of St. Dwynwen, a Welsh patron Saint of love, Series when you wish for something, it may come to present itself in the most unexpected ways. Genevieve had reduced her future into the taking of Lord Dursbury to secure a place and title appropriate for her family, but she knew she was not marrying for love. Obligation ways heavy on her heart, but for as cold as she believes she may be Genevieve has something coming for her. The collapse of her future, when Lord Dursbury cancels the wedding , does not stop Genevieve from in life, nor does it totally condemn her pride, but as Sir Myles proposes her what Genny thinks she sees is pity and not love in new places. Genevieve while accepting Myles, for the sake of her name and family, must overcome her fears and accept that she has always had feelings for Myles, past those of a longtime family friend, and embrace her new passions in life full throttle. Keeping the ideals of the cold Stafford woman may be the very thing strangling her passion in this marriage, but the big questions is will she overcome her personal hangups and embrace this future before it dooms her relationship with Myles.
            Lady Genevieve Stafford has always tried to reign in her tongue, to little avail, and be a pillar of propriety in the manner of her aristocratic grandmother, but this latest flaw in her plans may be her last. Genevieve is a headstrong woman, and yet a simple heroin in that she is driven by her family’s standards, caging her real feelings behind a cold exterior. To grow into herself and her future now she must push past her previous inclinations and embrace the woman that she is to become. Genevieve must not only open herself up to new things, but also to accepting her husband Myles. Sir Myles, a family friend, is not just a way out from under a scandal because there is so much more to life than just duty and obligation, and sometimes it takes two to find the most out of oneself.
            Sir Myles of Thornwood who has previous taken previous scenes by storm in this series has been a formidable character in his right, but now he has his work cut out for him in Genevieve Stafford. What he has always seen in Genevieve is more than the show she puts on for others, there has always been something truly unique for him in Genny and Myles must put a stop to the scandal staining her. Butting heads with his wife while also tending the fire within her is just the beginning to their relationship, Myles desperately wants more than just saving face for Genevieve, he wants her to accept him and the love he would share with her. Tempers flare, and these two central characters must resolve their differences before it consumes them.

            Candace Camp knows how to tempt and test her characters and The Marrying Season has these trials in spades. With a delightful and cunning plot and many twists, readers will find that scandal is not worth running from but something to confront, and that also love is sometimes closer and more complicated than ever before. Genevieve and Myles make a drastic but daring pair as they are apt to discover each other and find love is in all the right places. Get ready this season for marriage, but will everyone survive this marriage intact.

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