Thursday, July 25, 2013

Romance Revelry: One Good Earl

We Have Made A New Feature Here on An Avid Reader: the Romance Revelry

This will feature our romance titles that keep us up at night, and give you a heads up when the reads get steamier than YA. While we stray away from heavy hot romance, we enjoy a good rompy read with laces and cravats now and then so here we go . .  .

This Weeks Feature is the RULE OF SCOUNDRELS SERIES

Author Sarah MacLean has tempted so many readers with her different ways to seduce a person in all of her various series of unscrupulous by driven characters, but last month I was given this gem One Good Earl Deserves A Lover and I was hooked again.

Sometimes we are only looking for one good early to teach us about the nature of their species and this is what Lady Philippa Marbury is soon discovering. Filled with snarky humor and hijincks MacLean delves into the secret worlds of men and their intentions even as society has painted a different picture of their pasts. This whole series is about discovering what makes a man as their pasts haunt their present and sometimes it just takes one good woman to change all of that.

Our Thoughts On One Good Earl Deserves A Lover:

                Jasper Harlow has been known as many things, a purveyor of Hell, an owner of the Fallen Angel, the Earl Harlow, a son and a brother but what he has been running from for years is himself. When Lady Philippa Marbury seeks to understand her marriage vows to their fullest before saying them, what she finds herself getting into is desire and despair. With a cunning wit and a strong pair of characters in Cross and Phillipa, Sarah MacLean brings readers to the heart of the story; a young woman lost in her obligation but finding that the path to ruination may create the alternative in her life that she has been looking for.
                Phillipa Marbury is a scientist at heart, in a time where women were only valued for their housework and reproductive abilities. With a family ready to marry her off and be done with daughters, to a daughter who dreams of going to school and a world filled with study and discovery, what Pippa  Marbury Is trying to find out are the answers to her fears about her future.
With such a play on words and a faced placed plot, One Good Earl Deserves A Lover captures readers into the lives of the main characters and delivers a satisfying finish. Following Pippa’s trial and errors, and through her innocent eyes we see a young woman at the cusp of adulthood seeking guidance and love before she falls into a marriage that may not favor her. With such a bright and open mind, yet filled with fears and doubts throughout the book we find Pippa at the straight edge of discovering things about herself and her feelings she never felt possible, but yet we also watch her realize her hopes and dreams before she loses them all.
                Every good Earl deserves his day, and when Cross has given up on finding having love in his life, he is given Pippa Marbury and that is just where the adventure begins. Nothing will be the same for Jasper Harlow, but will he be able to save everyone he loves before it costs him his life, or his freedom. With adventure and intrigue, Jasper (Cross) will have to open his heart that he has locked away, just as much as he must open his eyes to his world around him before it is too late.

Sometimes love is hard to find, or given to loss but when two people are given the chance at love, will they be able to take the risks to pursue it? Sarah MacLean delivers a lively tale in One Good Earl Deserves a Lover that will keep readers at the edge of the page until the very end. Find out how hard love is to come by, and to keep with this latest installment in the series following the owners of The Fallen Angel, The Second Rule Of Scoundrels.

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