Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Some Quiet Place

Some Quiet Place
Kelsey Sutton
Flux Books
Released 6.8.2013

Blurb from the Publisher:

Elizabeth Caldwell doesn’t feel emotions . . . she sees them. Longing, Shame, and Courage materialize around her classmates. Fury and Resentment appear in her dysfunctional home. They’ve all given up on Elizabeth because she doesn’t succumb to their touch. All, that is, save one—Fear. He’s intrigued by her, as desperate to understand the accident that changed Elizabeth’s life as she is herself.
Elizabeth and Fear both sense that the key to her past is hidden in the dream paintings she hides in the family barn. But a shadowy menace has begun to stalk her, and try as she might, Elizabeth can barely avoid the brutality of her life long enough to uncover the truth about herself. When it matters most, will she be able to rely on Fear to save her?

Our Thoughts On:

            We all need some quiet space to collect our thoughts, but what if that space is filled with emotions. Every day you are faced with Elements and Emotions and not as words or feelings, but as actually represented beings. Elizabeth is haunted by things no one else sees, she is steeped in secrets and wrapped in a past she cannot remember. Elizabeth has no emotions of her own, she is like a blank slate wiped of past and present, not really here but still something other than herself. Others are uncomfortable about this girl who does not express herself or show her own emotions as other people do. This unfeeling presence brings others to judge Elizabeth harshly and blatantly ignore her or harass her, to the point where danger lurks.

            What catches attention for readers in Some Quiet Place is in its originality. There is a depth to Elizabeth and the entities around her. Struggling in an abusive home, and left out of the majority of her life, Elizabeth’s heroine portrayal arcs as she finds out something that has eluded her all of her life; what happened during an accident while she was a child. As the story builds in intensity readers will sympathize with Elizabeth but also in the Elements interacting with her, and the humans, but especially the Element Fear. Author Kelsey Sutton has redefined the wandering mind, because what happens when something sees something no one else can perceive as these things interact with people in our world.

            Filled with dynamic relationships in character interactions, Some Quiet Place with grip readers and keep them hooked until the very last page. With twists and turns, intricate romance, and retribution, Some Quiet Place is a book this year not to be missed.

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