Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave
Rick Yancey

Blurb from The Publisher:

After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.

Now, it’s the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see. Who have scattered Earth’s last survivors. To stay alone is to stay alive, Cassie believes, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan Walker may be Cassie’s only hope for rescuing her brother—or even saving herself. But Cassie must choose: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death. To give up or to get up.

Our Thoughts On:

Rick Yancey blows readers away with the 5th Wave. Dystopian is a hit genre but what this book brings to the table is not only refreshing but hard packed. Rte end of the world comes in waves for humanity as a growing alien threat is he'll bend on wiping humans off the face of the Earth. What do they look like? What is their ultimate plan? It is not only disturbing, but horrific, this plan of an alien race that has been hidden from people from the dawn of time.

    Cassie's greatest worry about a week ago was her scores on her high school tests, but as the alien invasion intensifies she is driven to find her younger brother among the chaos. Cassie lists is to the warnings of her father and as she pushes herself to pursue her brother, she meets up with something hat will ch age her forever. There is a 5th Wave the aliens are planning. A 5th Wave to destroy humans so Earth can be made for these aliens to better live here and as Cassie comes upon not only the secrets of these waves to kill her and other humans she is devastated beyond beliefs but still holds fast to overcoming her obstacles to save Sammy, her brother.
    What is dynamic about the 5th Wave is that is spreading different chapters around the voice and view of different characters. Through the book you get the voice of Cassie, Evan who has not only his own agenda but a achingly terrible secret, Ben  who carries his own demons on his back and is looking for  vengeance on his ignorance, and at last Sammy the youngest character. What these. Different points of view on the world enable the reader to Sonia have this wide picture of how the world is going down, while building a deep relationship with each of these characters. Through their personal sufferings this greater plan the aliens are planning is revealed, and every character is struggling to save something they care about which through the story they are all interconnected to one another.

    The 5th Wave takes the beginning of the end of humanity to a new level with intense characters find out that what they know us only the tip of the iceberg. With devastating outcomes and alien invasion is ripping Earth apart for the advantages of this alien race, but at the cost of humanity. Where are these aliens and how long have they known us, is only one of the questions revealed in the book and what the characters do with this knowledge is what's makes this read so riveting.  

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