Friday, May 31, 2013

ArmChair BEA Introductions

Armchair Introductions:

Hi I am Teri and I run Snarkymamma: An Avid Reader.
I started blogging six years ago, and developed Snarkymamma in 2010.
My blogging associated and I really, really like to read and spread the word on upcoming books and more.

We actually had to take a slight hiatus these past 8 months because we moved to the mountains and THERE WAS NO INTERNET!
It was like a twilight zone episode because I never imagined there could be places in the US where basically THERE WAS NO INTERNET!.

So we have scrimped and saved and just this month bought Satellite internet which has a USAGE meter, and sadly the kids found the router code and NETFLIXed us out of internet through next week.

But back to blogging . . .  I love blogging. I love reading other blogs also because these are the ways I have found SO many great new reads. There are few local bookstores and being able to browse the internet and hear about readers and authors raving about an upcoming release allows me to find it online and ship it here to the sticks.

I have previously participated in Armchair BEA in 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed myself online.

One unrelated thing about me that is not book related is that my Anatolian Livestock Guardian dog looks totally awesome All The Time.
 His looks can kill.

When I am not blogging I am on the farm, or working as our school's Librarian. 

If I could eat dinner with any author it would totally have to be Maggie Stiefvater because not only do I love her books but her humor and listening to her speak, as we did at Wordstock OR in 2011 was just freaking fantabulous.

So I cannot wait to see what Armchair BEA has in store for us in 2013.

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