Monday, May 27, 2013

ARC SPOT: Linked


Imogen Howson
Releases: 6.11.2013
Simon & Schuster

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                In a future that has come over the world, there are many secrets that stay in families. There is something rare and dangerous in this future today, where a twin may be something more than flesh and bone. Imogene Howson breaks out into YA this year with her release Linked, the story of two girls who share something amazing and dangerous that has been kept hidden and secret. This may cost them not only their connectivity but also their lives.
                Elissa has suffered from something all of her life, and her nightmares are bleeding into her reality and also her body more now than ever. When her latest trip to the doctor reveals to Elissa that these episodes may be more than meets the eye, and she creeps out one night from her home to discover the most disturbing secret, or most unnerving truth. Her dreams may be more real than they seem.
                If an operation could allow you to feel like a normal person, would you choose this path, even if it meant that you would be losing something vital of yourself? Elissa is torn between wanting to feel normal, but also in discovering what this connection to this other person in her mind means. As she discovers a terrible secret in her family and really her society, Elissa is tortured in her decisions and must overcome her fears to save a part of herself she never really understood the implications of before.
                Steeped in intrigue and danger Linked will captivate readers with this strong pair of lead female characters trying to save each other from the world. Elissa has been sheltered in her family and society, while Lin has been a tested experiment recently broken free. With twists and turns that keep readers caught up in the plight of these two characters this dystopian page turner will leave one desperate for more. With a fabulous blend of futuristic developments and societal suppression on its citizens the developing plot will capture attention with details that pull readers heartstrings on what happens when some people value others as being less than human. Lin and Elissa make a powerhouse team of teens that only want a future that includes both of them, even if it may cost them their lives.

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