Thursday, April 11, 2013

ARC SPOT: The Eternity Cure


The Eternity Cure
Blood of Eden #2
Julie Kagawa
Harlequin Teen
Releases: 4.30.13
ISBN: 9780373210695
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Blurb From The Publisher:

Allison Sekemoto has vowed to rescue her creator, Kanin, who is being held hostage and tortured by the psychotic vampire Sarren. The call of blood leads her back to the beginning—New Covington and the Fringe, and a vampire prince who wants her dead yet may become her wary ally.
Even as Allie faces shocking revelations and heartbreak like she’s never known, a new strain of the Red Lung virus that decimated humanity is rising to threaten human and vampire alike.

Our Thoughts On:

            Blood is a necessary thing, a mortal thing, and no one now knows the suffering of needing, wanting, craving blood more than Alison. As much as blood calls to blood, Allison is desperately searching for her sire Kanin as she knows that the fate he has fallen to is dire. Time may be running out for everyone human and vampire as a plague is sweeping the land and the future may be more deadly than ever imagined. Born human in the fringes of society, Allison has only been recently turned into a vampire. Hating the authority and restrictions that vampires in her city has imposed on humans before being turned, Allison has guided humans to salvation, completed the transformation into becoming a vampire and not a rabid, and also accomplished not sating her Hunger at the cost of her love’s life. Allison had a doomed relationship loving a rebel human named Ezekiel Cross a boy who had lead a rebel party of humans to Eden, a secret holdout for humanity away from vampires.
            If you were looking for an evil guy, then The Eternity Cure’s Sarren has you covered. With a diabolical plan that could destroy the world, a comfortable working of torture, and no humanity left in his ancient vampire system, Sarren in his insanity singlehandedly destroys Allison as he works his way through the individuals she cares about. With several appearances throughout the story Sarren cripples readers with his tenacity and destruction, keeping face as an evil character and never showing charity to any. In a race to crush humanity, just as Allison works desperately to not only find Sarren and stop his evil intentions but also to find a cure.
            From the ending of The Immortal Rules, Allison had to give up her fight to stay with Ezekiel Cross, the human that she has loved. Eden was the last stronghold of humanity not controlled by vampires, and the price of getting Zeke and his band into Eden was Allison leaving. Allison feels the pain and loss of Zeke as much as she feels the pain of her Hunger ever eating away at her. Wanting the best for Zeke, staying away so that she would not lose control of herself and succumb to the urge to bite Zeke, Allison left what she held dear while turning on the path to finding her sire Kanin who was suffering. The blood ties between vampires have consequences and as Kanin’s pain is transferred to Allison she must find a way to save him, even at the heavy cost of leaving Zeke.
            New Covington holds a hard place in Allison’s heart, for it was at the fringes of this vampire city that she lived as a human, but now it may hold the secret to the cure that the world so desperately needs. Lying hidden below this city is a secret lab, ripe with a terribly history but holding a possible cure to the latest outbreak of the Red Lung Disease. Allison has to choose her strengths as time shortens for not only the people she cares about, but also the future.
            Through challenges and trickery the characters have to come to terms with not only their humanity or that they are vampire, as the time works against them with the 

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