Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: Lust For Life by Jeri Smith-Ready

Lust For Life
Jeri Smith-Ready
Released: 11.27.12
Pocket Books
ISBN13: 9781439163504


            Get ready for the startling conclusion to the WVMP Radio Series, just as all hell breaks loose. Lives will be lost and wedding plans crashed as Ciara and Shane struggle to keep one step ahead of their enemies, and also save their friends from enemies coming at every turn. Jim, the hippie DJ has been locked after almost annihilating Ciara in the previous book Burn The Night, but nothing can stop vengeance as Jim escapes imprisonment and comes after Ciara.

In store for some action and face paced plot, then Lust For Life delivers as Ciara and Shane would love nothing more than escape the world getting married and continue their jobs at WVMP, but sometimes escaping the world has climactic consequences. Their day in the sun may come sooner than they ever expected when Jim’s progeny comes into to attack WVMP, Ciara and Shane when events in the book take deadly turns and Shane’s new training from Control may come in handy. But can the characters follow the main code of Control: “cooperation before killing,” when everything takes a turn for the worst?

            Get caught as this epic series comes to a finish in Lust For Life, Jeri Smith-Ready’s finish to the fast paced, lovable characters at WVMP Radio, as they battle not only for their lives, but also their eternity. Ciara is not just battling the bad guys in this one, but also herself and her deteriorating health. Will there be enough time and will she keep her sanity as her vampiric essence is battling itself? Shane has to come to terms with his own responsibilities and also keep everything together to just keep to the wedding, because who says that eternity lasts forever. Love and life is always worth fighting for.

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